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Why we should test slurry pump working flow capacity?

Before the slurry pump in using, we should test the slurry pump working flow capacity. Why we should do that? The following is the purpose:

After we test the slurry pump working flow capacity, we can use pump efficiently, and extend pump life and save energy.

When we select the pump type, we should not only select suitable type pump, but also should suit various working conditions, the test can ensure that.

Because the slurry pump working flow have some difference to designed flow capacity, so the test is necessary.

Vertical slurry pump

Although pump designer will consider wear allowance, safety working factor, the flow capacity still have uncertain factor and measuring error, this will cause pump working performance not according to designed.

When slurry pump working, pump will have suction air, gas etching, pump part wear, efficiency decline and motor over-load . So before slurry pump working, measuring slurry pump working conditions is very important.

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