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The test method ofslurry pump working flow capacity

This article is about slurry pump flow capacity test method, we will discuss how to calculate pump flow capacity without sufficient instrument.

Slurry pump has a widely using in many fields, such as mine, power plant, coal washing plant, it’s one of key equipment in slurry conveying. There are rubber slurry pump, vertical slurry pump, etc.

The methods are as following:

You can use flow gauge, if pump outlet has flow meter, the it can read flow at once and accurately, but the cost is too high. Because liquid in slurry pump is abrasive and corrosive, so flow meter is not suitable.

You also can calculate with pump outlet pressure. If there is pressure gauge, it can calculate flow capacity.

M(R)V Vertical Slurry Pump

The motor voltage, current also can be used to calculate

Sometimes you can use outlet flow or volume to calculate slurry pump flowing.

At last, the above methods can be used to measuring flow capacity, but it is necessary using 2 or more methods to calculate, then conclude best value.

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