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How should we select driven type of slurry pump?

When we select slurry pump model, the slurry pump shaft sealing and driven type need to be choose, in order to select the most suitable pump in actually use, we discuss how to choose slurry pump driven type.

some key points are as followings:

Generally, there are two kind of slurry pump driven: Direct connected (DC) or Belt driven(BD).

high efficiency, smooth running, reliable structure and easy maintenance, are the advantages of Direct connected driven type, it’s widely preferred use in daily use.

when should we choose belt driven ? It is suitable when the slurry pump speed mismatch with motor or space is limited, or pump axial is parallel with motor axial.

RH Rubber Slurry Pump

Belt driven has simple structure and easy maintenance the belt is flexible, when over-load will skid, then avoid motor over-load, can protect electric motor

In actually use, we can preferred to use belt-driven, but according to site space , layout difference, suitable belt driven is the better choice.

The above points are how to select right driven type of slurry pump according to site requirement, hope it’s helpful to you when buying slurry pump.

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