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The examination step before MH series Slurry Pump working(1)

Before MH series slurry pump working, we should make a thorough examination, make sure it can work normally.

The examination steps before MH series slurry pump working as follows

Firstly we should put the MH slurry pump on the strong basis, to bear pump self weight and eliminate vibration, and then tighten all foundation bolts.

2. Valve and pipeline should support each other respectively.Turn the shaft by hand according to rotation direction of the slurry pump. Ensure the shaft can drive the impeller rotation and no friction. 

MH Slurry Pump

3.Inspect the rotation direction of pump to ensure it is same as the arrow direction on the pump body.

4. DC driving, MH slurry pump shaft and motor shaft should centered precisely; Belt driving, pump shaft and motor shaft should parallel; and adjust the slot wheel position to make it vertical with belt, to avoid cased severe vibration and abrasion.

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