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Some Tips about the slurry pump

When slurry pump begins to supply raw materials, it needs low pressure and large flow rate.

When holding, it doesn't need to flow, however, high pressure is need to discharge water. If we choose other types of products, that can satisfy the requirement of parameter, but when it operate, the slurry pump shaft may broke. That may result equipment operation instability, short service life.

ZGB slurry pump

Slurry pump are widely used in many fields , to ensure the stable use effect the slurry pump has, should select proper specification of slurry pump according to specific process period. For example, the coal washing system in the coal industry.

Shijiazhuang Gravel Pump Industry Co., ltd. has mature experiences for many years on research & manufacture and application of slurry pump. There are many kinds of pumps for you choose. Here you can find slurry pump, rubber slurry pump, vertical slurry pump, gravel pump, FGD Pump, etc. Don’t hesitate, contact us quickly.

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