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The Main Categories of the Slurry Pump

Under different standards, slurry pump can be classified into different categories:

1. From the number of impellers:  single stage centrifugal slurry pump and multi-stage centrifugal slurry pump 

2. Form the position between the pump spindle and level surface: horizontal slurry pump and vertical slurry pump

3. Form the way of water suction: Single suction slurry pump and double suction slurry pump

4. Form the structure of pump casing: Single shell slurry pump and double shell slurry pump

Now, we have many kinds of slurry pumps: MH/GH/ZJ/GB model slurry pump, RH model rubber slurry pump, MV/RV/ZJL model vertical slurry pump, froth pump, dredge pump, FGD pump, sewage pump, clean water pump, etc. And we have been studying new types all the time.

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