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MD Multistage Pump

Size (discharge): 1 inch to 32 inch

Capacity: 3.4~ 15000 m3/hr

Head: 8.6~140m

Efficiency:Up to 92%

Materials:Cast iron,SS 304,SS 316,Bronze etc.

Project Description

MD Multistage Pump Introduction:

Multistage Pump is single-suction,multistage,centrifugal pump,It is widely used for water supply&drainage infields of factories mines and cities.It is provided for delivering  clear water  without solid particles or other liquid which is physically and chemically similar to clear water. The temperature of the liquid is 0°C~80°C. Permissible inlet pressure is 0.6MPa

MD Multistage Pump Features:

1. Stator: The main parts are suction casing, stage casing, discharge casing and diffuser. They are screw up by poles, to become a working house. It is horizontal, the discharge direction is upward; The discharge and suction direction of them are both upwards, and the suction direction is horizontal usually, also they can be made upward according to user's requirement. 

2. Rotor: It is consist of shaft, impellers, balance dic and shaft sleeve etc. Shaft supplied power to impellers; The axial force is balanced by balance disc; The sleeve mounted on shaft to protect shaft. 

3. Bearing parts: It is consist of bearing body, bearing and bearing cover etc. The bearing of type 85-67, 155-67, 600-60 pump is sliding bearing, lubricated by diluted oil, the other pump bearing is rolling bearing, lubricated by grease. 

4. Shaft seal: It is usually adopted soft packing seal, consist of sealing house on suction casing, packing, blocking water ring, the sealing hose have some pressure water, to cool, lubricate and seal pump. The pumps usually adopt mechanical seal. 


5. Drive: The pump is driven directly by motor through elastic coupling, the rotation of pump is clockwise looking from motor to pump.

MD Multistage Pump Structural drawing:

MD Multistage Pump Parameter Selection Table:

MD Multistage Pump Application:

▶Water supply and discharge in high-rise buildings

▶Fire water supply in constructions

▶Water supply and discharge in factories and mines

▶Long distance delivery

▶Cyclic pressurization in production


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