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MX Self Priming Pump

Size (discharge): 25mm to 450mm

Capacity: 3.4~ 1200 m3/hr

Suction lift: Max. 6.5m

Head: 6m ~ 135 m

Efficiency:Up to 92%

Materials:Cast iron,SS 304,SS 316,Bronze etc

Project Description

MX Self Priming Pump Introduction:

MX Self priming pump made by our company is developed after our digestion, assimilation and improvement of domestic and foreign relevant technical data, which is a energy-saving kind of pump production. The pump is a kind of self-suction centrifugal pump, which has the advantages of compact structure, convenient operation, steady running, easy maintenance, high efficiency, long life, strong self-suction ability and so on. It doesn't need a foot valve on the pipeline, and just need to ensure that there is quantificational inducting oil stored in the pump case before work, so as to simplify the pipeline system and improve the working condition.

MX Self Priming Pump Features:

1. Beautiful shape and fine structure,reliable performance.

2. With strong capacity of self priming, no need to equip with flap valve.

3. Non-clog, and with powerful capacity of passing big solid..

4. Convenient for maintenance.

MX Self Priming Pump Structural Drawing:

MX Self Priming Pump Parameter Selection Table:

MX Self Priming Pump Application:

▶It is used in environment protection,construction,fire protection,chemical industry,phamary,printing

and dyestuff,brewage,elctric power,electroplate,papermaking,petrol,washing for industry and mine,cool for device,etc.

▶It is suitable for clear water,sea water and chemical medium with acid and alkali and mushy slurry(viscosity≤100  centipois),consistency for solid can not exceed 30% of total medium.

▶When it's mounted with an arm sprayer, it can jet the water into the air to disperse into little raindrops for spraying, so it is a good tool for farm, nursery, orchard and tea garden.

▶It is the ideal supporting pump for transfer slurry to filter press, it could matching with filter press of different specs and models.

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